Hair Botox

hair botoxHair Botox, Is It For You?

Does your hair need a “face lift”?

As silly as it seems, in fact the restorative effects of facial Botox treatments, designed to give lift and new life to facial muscles have been recreated in a groundbreaking new treatment: Hair Botox. Using a patented formula which actually restores protein which the hair has lost over the course of time, one strand at a time, Hair Botox treatments have been called the number one most effective way to reconstruct hair with the use of glycolic acid.

Adding to the benefits of this treatment, Hair Botox is formaldehyde free, 100%!

Many people these days have heard about gaining similar restorative results through so-called keratin treatments. However, Hair Botox has not only been proven more effective, but also safer. All the ingredients used in Hair Botox are natural acids, even the active ingredients. In fact, they are all derived from a familiar source: sugar cane.

Hair Botox is a 12-week long, in-house treatment that can be used in conjunction with your regular hair color regimen. Clients have found that Hair Botox reduces frizz, increases shine and reduces blow drying time by 1/3.

To learn more about Hair Botox, call the salon today to schedule a consultation with Claudia or Monica.

Consult with Claudia or Monica Diesti for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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